The Succulent Designs By Mary Test Garden

This is the place where I get to experiment. This garden is my true testing area because it is mine.  I’ve researched these plants extensively and have observed the same plants in the area.  I have experience with placing plants in similar landscapes and usually choose so-called bullet-proof plants.  Even under similar circumstances, each location has it’s own micro-climate.  The plants chosen for this this garden are drought-tolerant, lush, calming with a neutral palette.  Palette is a good word because I often think of plants as paint and the garden my canvas.  Succulents are a good way of showing color and getting a little wild.  See the succulents underplanted below.

Updates showing how much my garden has grown and has become more colorful are coming soon.  Stay tuned!


From the Succulent Designs by Mary Test Garden
Pittosporum Tenuifolium ‘Marjorie Channon’ and other drought tolerant plants planted along the stairs.
The Dymondia Margaretae ‘Silver Carpet’ is working on establishing itself.