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On growing succulents.  The MOST important tip I’ve learned thus far!

 I wanted to share a little secret with you that has changed my life for the better.  I (and my succulent babies) have truly benefited from my recent use of this water gauge.  If you can see by enlarging this current photo, this echeveria is starting to feel better once I stopped watering it so darn much.  See the new growth in the center?  Before this little baby came into my life, it was too hard to tell if it needed moisture by looking at the soil or sticking my finger in it. (Your finger doesn’t go deep enough, nor would most people want it to.)  I got mine from Amazon for about eight bucks and it has changed my succulents’ lives.  Once a week or so (more often in the Summer) go around and check your succulent pots for moisture levels at least two areas of the same pot.  If it says ‘dry’, give it a little water.  Or, if you have fast draining soil, and don’t want to water too often, give it a good drench.  If it reads anything other than ‘dry,’ pass it by.   Make a habit at first by checking your plants every few days so you can get used to the accurate moisture needs of your plant.  After awhile, you’ll learn, and won’t need to check so often.  It’s especially handy, though, for pots without drainage.  You’ll find that they hardly need water.  This little device is truly life altering and I just don’t understand why more people on Pintrest, Facebook or other sites I frequent haven’t mentioned it.  I must thank Ellyn at Waterwise Garden Center in Torrance for teaching me this little trick.  They know their stuff!