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I’m the “nice” lady, but the one and only Debra Lee Baldwin showed me what a gem she is!  

I asked the guru, or queen of succulents as she’s known in the succulent world for her advice on how to get my business started.  I have corresponded with her in the past, and she’s been very forthcoming and helpful, so I used the old adage “you don’t get what you don’t ask for,” and she took the time to compose a thoughtful email on how to get my business going!  She included so much good information in it with names of people and their companies that I most admire in the field, it also has a lot of good information on starting your own business.  It was so nice of her to share!  I’m a bit relieved that she chose to publish the information because I can share it as well.

Click below for the article in Gardens Gone Wild which contains a wealth of information on starting your own business.  This advice happens to be directed towards succulent design, but it contains valuable information for anyone who is just starting their business.

How to start your succulent design business by Debra Lee Baldwin