How Succulents Combat Global Warming

I knew it! But here’s the details on how succulents are more efficient than trees at combating global warming. I don’t know about you, but that just warms my soul! There’s hope for us yet. Here, Debra Lee Baldwin provides the details:

She is still the Queen.

I’ve seen her briefly a couple of times. Well, it seemed brief.  Any time spent with Debra Lee Baldwin is never long enough.  I wanted to pass along this article

Aloe thraskii at San Marcos Growers

Aloe thraskii at San Marcos Growers — Read on Laura Eubanks told me that this plant grows well by the beach. I trust anything Laura says.

How to Prune Succulents by Laura Eubanks

Until I do my own video, take a look at Laura Eubanks’s tutorial on how to trim up your succulents.  I’ve learned so much about succulents by watching her videos.

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