Those Pesky Mealy Bugs

Mealy bugs are bugs that look like cotton specks that like to live in the tight spaces on your succulents.  Once you see them, you need to deal with them asap and if you have a few,  the good news is they are easy to treat.  This sheet has a recipe for deterring mealy bugs. Mealie […]

How to Prune Succulents by Laura Eubanks

Until I do my own video, take a look at Laura Eubanks’s tutorial on how to trim up your succulents.  I’ve learned so much about succulents by watching her videos.   Well, Laura and Debra Lee Baldwin.  Enjoy!  Also, make sure that your succulents are not dormant when you prune them!  Laura Eubanks shows how […]

Mix Herbs and Vegetables in the Garden to Deter Pests Naturally – Garden Therapy

Organic, chemical-free gardening is healthier for you and for the environment and yields tastier produce, but you will have to deal with some pesky garden visitors. Grow these veggies and herbs together in the garden to deter pests naturally. — Read on

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