What We Do

Besides designing mostly drought tolerant landscapes, Mary Roberts is known for planting large, succulent containers.  By adding a few containers to your landscape, it can boost your curb appeal and make your outdoor areas more enjoyable. After the initial free 1/2 hour discussing the project, an hourly rate will be charged for the time spent in procurring the plants and materials and planting them.  We have low overhead costs and are able to charge less than retail for most plants and materials.

We can also maintain and rework your existing plant containers and succulent areas of your landscape. Ask about booking quarterly check up of your newly planted containers. During this visit, Mary will check for and treat your plants for insects and disease, trim up any plant material that is overgrown, and replace any succulents that are not doing so well.

We also provide a design consultation service with a diagnosis of problem areas for your landscape. Mary can produce a design for a new garden, or for part of the garden. We will plant new plants, water them in, or move existing plants. We do garden rejuvenation and can help diagnose issues and help you solve them.

The initial consultation for planning a new landscape usually takes about an hour. The consultation takes place at your home, or the site of the future landscape.  During the consultation, Mary will assess the light or shade conditions, the topography and soil condition, the placement of adjacent structures, and the micro-climate of your space. We will discuss the existing irrigation system and watering patterns. We will consult with you on your personal preferences as to design concepts, plants and colors. We will try to incorporate existing plants into the new design where appropriate by creating a new design that includes them in their current location or moving them if appropriate.

We have good relationships with people who can modify irrigation systems as needed, modify the timers and positioning of sprinkler heads etc.

Design fees vary according to the size and the scope of your landscape project.

Implementing the Design: Fees are calculated on an hourly basis, plus costs of plant material and any other materials required (such as soil, fertilizer etc.) The size of the crew and total time will vary for each job. We do not do hardscape such as masonry or concrete work or anything that requires cement or stone cutting. We can lay bark, gravel aggregates, pebbles, stones and pavers.


With all living things, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to provide proper care. Survival of your plants depends on several things, mostly correct watering and a fertilization routine. We will be here to advise you after all planting is completed, but we cannot grow your garden for you. Give us a call if at any time you notice a plant deteriorating, and we may be able to help. By identifying problems quickly, we can usually save the plant and protect your investment. We are not responsible for plants that have not been watered properly.


We give no guarantee that the plants will live and grow – that part is up to the client, but we do guarantee our stock to be well rooted, well grown, selected to grow in our climate and properly planted.

We are here to help make your garden beautiful and your gardening experience successful!

For more information or to schedule a landscape consultation please contact Mary Roberts at 310-770-8944 by text or telephone.


We do not provide regular garden maintenance or lawn mowing services, but will answer questions and will help with a particular issue and charge our regular hourly rate for this.

About Mary

Mary Roberts is a Landscaper Designer, and Owner of Succulent Designs by Mary (and Nature Designs by Mary).  Mary is college educated in landscape design, and is a lifelong learner on organic gardening and water wise strategies.  She has taught school children, girl scouts as well as adults in succulent as well as gardening classes.  She has worked at Waterwise Garden Center in Torrance as a designer where she learned even more about drought tolerant plant design.  She started her own Landscape Design business in February of 2016 to appeal to both her sense of design and knowledge of plants and their ability to enhance and beautify one’s own enjoyment of outdoor living spaces and gardens.

Please call or text Mary at 310-770-8944 to schedule a consultation, or have any questions as this is the quickest way to get a response.