A sneak peek of a fun project
When it grows in, it should look more like this.

In addition to doing succulent containers (see some examples below), I’m a landscape designer who will provide a plan for your new hopefully drought tolerant landscape or I will come and reevaluate existing landscapes and do what is necessary to update it and use plants that will thrive in their location. Oftentimes, it involves simply popping in some succulents in the gaps! Succulents are low-maintenance, low water and they look so well all throughout the year. If you have a drought tolerant native landscape, those succulents will carry your landscape through those times when the natives are not looking so pretty.

Containers add wonderous color!

Or this.

This tall arrangement provides lots of color for a backyard that has lots of green and isn’t messy around the pool. (Sometimes if I have leftover succulents and it’s ok with the client, I’ll sneak them into the landscape if it’s desired.)

or this:

These arrangements are planted with succulents that thrive the shade and are viewed from the kitchen window.

I also design landscape makeovers to update a home’s curb appeal and create a more livable, modern, saleable and yet low maintenance landscape.  Sometimes it takes just a few tweaks to turn a landscape from ho-hum to spectacular! In so doing, I keep in mind the interior views out and often create outdoors ‘rooms’, thereby creating more livable space!

Since Southern California usually doesn’t get much rainfall, designing with drought-tolerant plants is especially important to save water and money. But, this does not mean sacrificing lushness or beauty. My palette is natives, drought tolerant plants, and almost always, succulents!

Mary’s dog Tiki relaxing in the Succulent Designs by Mary test garden and outdoor ‘room’. The plants have filled in much more since this picture was taken.


Mary’s Deal.

Mary Roberts is Landscape Designer and Owner of Succulent Designs by Mary and lives with her husband and two teenage daughters in the Hollywood Riviera area of Redondo Beach, in Southern California. In 2007, Mary became college educated in Landscape Design and pursued her passion of blending design with her love of nature.  This is especially true when she’s creating big, beautiful succulent containers done in a floral style!

She a member of California Native Plant Society, South Coast Botanic Gardens and continues to receive education on how to best use and appreciate our resources.

Mary especially loves talking about succulents and educating others on their beauty and how they work so well in our environment. She often teaches classes and shares tips and tricks on creating beautiful and long lasting wreaths, and containers. The inspiration and conversations that happen during these classes can, and has been, especially fun and memorable, especially when there’s wine involved! What you can create is so much prettier than a painting!

From Mary:

While fighting the dreaded C, I’ve experienced the restorative effects of working in the garden firsthand. Experimenting with succulents was my diversion.  I used working outside with succulents as my inspiration, escape and restoration. I am better now and, although it takes a village and I have many people to thank for helping me to recover, I really believe that my time spent with succulents really helped. There are studies that prove the restorative value of nature.

More about me and my company:

I can also maintain and rework your existing plant containers and succulent areas of your landscape. Ask about booking a quarterly check up of your newly planted containers and/or landscape. During this visit, Mary will check for and treat your plants for insects and disease, trim up any plant material that has overgrown, fertilize if appropriate, and replace any succulents and soil as needed. There may even be leftover succulents for you to use in your landscape to share with friends! Please ask for them if you wish to keep them.

We also provide a design consultation service with a diagnosis of problem areas for your landscape. Mary can produce a design for a landscape, or for section of it. The CAD design will be extremely easy to interpret because it’s an actual picture of your landscape with actual pictures of the plants in the places recommended. It’s essentially the ‘after’ shot after the plants have grown in. We can use your gardeners or mine. We can utilize new plants, move existing plants, and we can help you with those decisions.

The initial consultation for planning a new landscape usually takes one hour. The consultation should take place at your home, or the site of the future landscape.  Mary will assess the light and shade conditions, the topography and soil condition, the placement of adjacent structures, and the micro-climate of your space.  We will discuss the existing irrigation system and watering patterns. I will consult with you on your personal preferences as to design concepts, plants and colors.

Design fees vary according to the size and the scope of your landscape project, but the initial consultation is $100. Please ask for references if you are not sure about this. All of our time is valuable. After this meeting at an agreed date, we will have a second meeting to go over the Plan to make any changes.

After the Design Plan is delivered,

Implementing the Design: Fees for planting are calculated on an hourly basis, plus costs of plant material and any other materials required (such as soil, fertilizer, rock, mulch etc.) The size of the crew and total time will vary for each job. The rates for everything are competitive. Boom! There you go! You have a rocking exterior for your home to enjoy for many years to come.

Please call or text Mary at 310-770-8944 to schedule a consultation, or answer any questions.