Love this combination for many reasons.

It’s a bulletproof combination for our environment. The colors just work. You know, in interior design you pick one object that you love the colors of and you duplicate those colors in the other objects of the room (in that spiky Phormium or Flax [zoom in on it]) well, this is that. And, it is very drought tolerant and low maintenance–win-win -win-win!

She is still the Queen.

I’ve seen her briefly a couple of times. Well, it seemed brief.  Any time spent with Debra Lee Baldwin is never long enough.  I wanted to pass along this article

Would you like to buy Mom a wreath kit?

If she likes succulents, you will be winning! The kit includes everything she’ll need to make a succulent wreath similar to this. There’s still time, especially if you’re local.

Succulent Dormancy

Succulents can be Winter growers or Summer Growers.  Learn about it SucculentDorm

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