Cactus & Succulent Care

There is a common misconception that all cacti and succulents grow best in full sun, planted in pure sand, and never need much water or nutrients.  In reality, most kinds can survive much neglect, but will thrive under better conditions.

Succulent Care

Succulent Wreath Kits, get ‘em while they’re hot on Etsy!

Under my Etsy shop, Riviera Succulents, I just made 40 sales since May! Very humbled and grateful for the support! My customers are so nice too! #etsy #handmade

Mix Herbs and Vegetables in the Garden to Deter Pests Naturally – Garden Therapy

Organic, chemical-free gardening is healthier for you and for the environment and yields tastier produce, but you will have to deal with some pesky garden visitors. Grow these veggies and

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