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Calle Mayor Landscape Design

Calle Mayor Home Drought-Tolerant Terraced Front Yard

This drought-tolerant front yard was so satisfying to plant!  The beautiful white stucco displays all the plants so beautifully.  It is essentially a blank canvas. Can you see the pops of purplish-pink Echeveria ‘Afterglow’ in the planters?  I love how the Phormium ‘Sundowner’ with all of it’s colors set the tone for the palette of the rest of the landscape plants.  Of course these do need to fill in, but I was careful to not over plant.  It’s the less expensive way on the front end as well as in the maintenance.  Trimming should be very minimal.  When I meet with a client.  I sit down with them, get to know them and what they like, what they’re looking for and how they decorate.  Another important task is to view the landscape from the interior to check out the view of it as well as any views these new plants might be encroaching.  The Pittosporum Tennuifolium ‘Oliver Twist’ is very wispy and takes to trimming well if the owners decide to.  We have since planting decided to plant more Pittosporum in the gaps to afford more privacy.  Stay tuned for the updated photo.

They’re also going to get some beautiful container gardens!  The Vietnam Glazed Pots have finally been delivered to the Pottery Warehouse I have an account with.   Can you visualize two huge teal pots under the right window and to the left side of the patio?  I’m trying to.  The most important thing I’m learning lately is restraint…repetition of a single plant.  The more modern design is to plant in waves…in sweeping swaths of color.  Plants are usually found in nature this way.  Perhaps the next one?  I still love this design.  It will grow in nicely and, after the plants have gotten used to their new surroundings, their water bill should be about one-third of the cost.  Irrigation can be tricky and it’s good to check it at least once a year to make sure everything’s working properly.  It’s also important to place plants with similar water needs together.

The area in front of all of this is in the process of being changed from grass to a drought-tolerant alternative.  I love this. Carex Tumulicola ‘Berkley Sedge’.  Carex tumulicola under redwoods.

It grows well under trees, in full sun, is drought-tolerant, can be walked upon aaand,  it’s beautiful.  We’ll see.  Perhaps there’s another one that’s better suited for this area.  At least in the full sun. UC Verde ‘Buffalo Grass’ perhaps? Thoughts?

I’m so glad they entrusted me with the task of creating a beautiful, lush and colorful outdoor front area(s) to bring in the family outdoors, enjoy their view and to enjoy our lovely California beachy weather.

Here’s the before pic.  The owners made it so easy for me by creating simple and clean backdrops for the plants.