My Wine and Wreath Party

My party was a hit!  Everyone had fun, including me.  I tried my best to give as much info as I could on succulents, give everyone individual attention and still had fun in the process! See the Facebook link here.

They were all beautiful! The next time, I’ll take individual pics. Still hoping to catch a pic of another on someone’s door as I drive around the neighborhood.

Color Theory in the Garden

As a Landscape Designer, when discussing ideas and plans with my client, color theory is a very important consideration in the overall look and feeling of your garden.  Colors set

Top Five: Drought Tolerant Plants

Descriptions of 5 very drought tolerant perennial plants. This site has a lot of articles that are simple to read with good information on growing. — Read on

Good Info on Agaves if you’re considering introducing them into your landscape.

Debra Lee Baldwin and Kelly Griffin share information on Agaves…Definitely not a couple of schmos…Agaves

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